Weaving is an ancient craft and although we are used to buying our clothing without ever thinking of how the fabric is made, the basic technique is still the same since thousands of years ago. It is a fascinating process from fiber to the finished cloth. In almost every culture weaving was and is a skill that was developed not only to make all the fabrics for clothing and daily life but also as an art form.

Nowadays we don’t need to weave, but we can! And it is a fascinating craft that can be used in many aspects of our modern life.

Weaving is an amazing possibility to express creativity and at the same time create either something useful or a piece of art, and sometimes it is both at the same time.

Doctors recommend learning and practicing crafts that are both a creative thought process as well as working with your hands to prevent diseases like Alzheimer.

I grew up in a home where making things by yourself was cherished and practiced. My mother taught me knitting and crocheting at an early age and ever since then I grabbed every opportunity to learn and practice new techniques in all kinds of fiber crafts, from bobbin lace making to fancy work and … weaving.

To me weaving is most fascinating, most satisfying, most challenging with something new to be learned at every stage: More techniques, different pattern structures, how to best work with different materials.

For knitting you need knitting needles, but for weaving there is more equipment needed. The most important part of the equipment is the loom. I have a wide variety of looms in my studio, frame looms, pin looms, an inkle loom, several rigid heddle looms (so versatile!) and two 8-shaft looms, and I enjoy each and every one of them.

My studio is located in Kiryat Moshe, Jerusalem. Easily accessible by train or bus.


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