Tallit Katan

Every Tallit Katan is hand woven and unique, created completely according to your wishes. You decide the exact size, color and design of the stripes, the form of the neckline and other extras you might want to have in your personal Tallit Katan.

The stripes can be done in a solid color or in a hand dyed slightly variegated yarn.

The whole piece is done only by hand with 100% wool. After the weaving is finished, all the sewing is done to finish the neckline, the holes and the bottom edges are done by hand with a very thin wool thread. No sewing machine or synthetic fiber touches your Tallit Katan.

It is your decision where to place the holes for the actual Tzitzit and how you want the backing. It could be a very fine silk or the same wool as the basic cloth.

I work strictly according to Halacha, so there is absolutely no work done on Shabbat, on Chol Hamoed and during the 9 days.


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