Events & Workshops

  • Historical introduction to weaving: From ancient times to the basics of modern computer technology – yes, weaving was the basis to computer technology!
  • No weaving on Shabbat: 13 of the 39 forbidden activities on Shabbat are based on the process of cloth making – and preparing the fiber and setting up the loom is a big part of it.
  • Friendship weaving: a group, some friends or a family can weave together an item for a loved one: a blanket for a baby, a lap throw for an elderly, a couple of placemats for newly weds… - you donate not only an item in the end, but a good amount of your time and thoughts!

These are just a few ideas. Any event will be tailor made for your needs. Maybe one of the above ideas would fit for a community evening or for a family event at the occasion of a Bar/Bat Mitzva, a wedding or a move to a new home.

Please be in touch with me for more options.


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